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The Origins of Political Correctness

“We call it “Political Correctness.” The name originated as something of a joke, literally in a comic strip, and we tend still to think of it as only half-serious. In fact, it’s deadly serious. It is the great disease of our century, the disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world. It is the disease of ideology. PC is not funny. PC is deadly serious.

If we look at it analytically, if we look at it historically, we quickly find out exactly what it is. Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms. It is an effort that goes back not to the 1960s and the hippies and the peace movement, but back to World War I. If we compare the basic tenets of Political Correctness with classical Marxism the parallels are very obvious.”


The Origins of Political Correctness :: Accuracy In Academia.

1 comment to The Origins of Political Correctness

  • Chris_N

    Wow. This is a good article, if a bit long and a bit academic. I always thought the ’60s were spontaneous. Now I see that they were carefully influenced by the hard-core Marxists.

    I particularly thought this was interesting because it is still very much with us:
    ‘Marcuse defines “liberating tolerance” as intolerance for anything coming from the Right and tolerance for anything coming from the Left.’

    I’m left with the question: How can we have a society that says what it thinks without the “thought police” and “self censorship”, yet is civil and does not intentionally offend others?

    I guess the old childhood rhyme comes as a possible solution: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”

    Maybe it’s time people just toughened up and stop looking for ways to be offended.

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