Wendy Davis’ Past Questioned in FBI Probe

Wait Until You See What Clever Pro-Gun Group Did Just to Spite Bloomberg’s $50 Million Anti-Gun Campaign

‘Some Sort of Cultic Fringe Group’: ‘Science Guy’ Bill Nye and Creationist Ken Ham Continue Fiery War of Words Over Evolution

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Stunning Video: Semi Driver’s ‘Very Close Call’ Caught on Dashcam

Obama White House Indefinitely Delays Keystone Pipeline Decision

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‘Up to Seven’ Officers Search Home, Seize Phones and Computers – The Reason Why Could Have Serious Implications for Social Media

Hot List: Viewers React!

What Common Core Proposes to Teach N.Y. Students on ‘Unintended Consequences of American Capitalism,’ ‘Fairness’ and the Progressive Era

Easter Egg Hunt Ends in Horrifying Discovery for Mother and Her Four-Year-Old

Notice Anything on the Side of the Plane in This Picture?

If You Hate the Easter Treat Peeps, You’ll Love These Videos Showing Their Creative Destruction

Boy Who Claims He Nearly Died and Went to Heaven Reveals How an Image on CNN Captured Exactly What He Saw

Gun Supporters Lose Huge Battle in New York

The Find So Big in the Animal Kingdom but Yet So Odd We Didn’t Put It in the Headline

The Horrific Realization a Mother Made When She Took Her Child Out of the Car After an Attempted Robbery

What’s the Story Behind This Mysterious American Jet Spotted in Iran? And Who’s the ‘VIP’ Passenger?

Heartbroken Father Whose Little Girl Died Unexpectedly Does Something That Will Change Another Family’s Life

NRA Teases Slightly Mysterious Project That Includes a Former Navy SEAL

Hours Before an Army Reservist Was Set to Be Honored for His Military Service He Did Something Awesome to Prove His Character

All He Wanted to Do Was Refill His Soda — Then He Was Hit With a $525 Fine

Is the Note Given to Some Ukrainian Jews Telling Them to Register a ‘Fake’?

Horror After Vice Principal of Students in South Korean Ferry Tragedy Found Hanging in a Tree

Christians Commemorate Jesus’ Death Around the Globe — See the Stunning Photos

‘ARE-WE-CLEAR?’: The Chilling Message the Secret Service Is Said to Have Given to a Major Sports Mascot

Think the U.S. Is a Crowded Place? Check Out This Cool Map Showing Where Nobody Lives

Obama’s Ukraine Policy Mocked by the Right AND Left

Suspect Arrested in Random Kansas City Highway Shootings

Al Franken Ups Ante on Multi-Billion Dollar Comcast Deal, Calls on Heavyweight Ally

By the Time Violent Robber Realized What That Pizza Deliveryman Was Carrying on Him, It Was Too Late

Photographer, Aviation Experts Stunned by Mysterious Unidentified Flying Object

Deal Reached on Calming Ukraine Tensions – For Now

‘Strange Bedfellows’: Tea Party, MoveOn, and Others Joining Together to Oppose This Program

Far-Left NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Is Seemingly Coming to the Rescue of Churches, Reversing Bloomberg Policy

Snowboarding With Jet Engines: It’s a Real Thing and It’s Awesome

You May or May Not Believe Who Jay Carney Says Gave President Obama His ‘Toughest Interview’ in 2012

‘Some Yahoo Decided to Pee’ in Reservoir, Prompting City to Dump 38 Million Gallons of Treated Water

Astronomers Discover Most Earth-Like Planet Yet

Harry Reid Labels Supporters of Rancher Cliven Bundy ‘Domestic Terrorists’, Reveals Federal Task Force Being Assembled

Armed Homeowner Protects Family From Group of Detroit Thugs – Is There a Chance the Homeowner Could Face Charges?

Rush Limbaugh Announces Someone From TheBlaze Will Be Filling in For Him on Friday

Science Explains What Makes Babies So Cute

What Obama Isn’t Telling You About the ‘All-of-the-Above’ Energy Strategy

Watch as Anti-NRA Protester Explains Why You Shouldn’t Be Able to Protect Yourself With a Gun If Your Life Is in Danger

‘I Hope You Die in Prison’: Judge’s Scathing Words for Woman Convicted of Killing Her Boyfriend

Texas Parents Hit Back After Their Kids Come Home With ‘Very Inappropriate’ Assignment — and Why It May Look Familiar

Injuries Don’t Stop These Wounded Heroes From Hitting the Road

It’s Not America Anymore : Personal Liberty Digest™

An excellent article that everyone should read.

“There are in fact two kinds of patriotism: the concrete and the imagined. Many Americans fall haphazardly into the fantasy of being patriotic. They define patriotism upon the exploits of the mainstream and of the government in control at the time. They become cheerleaders for the establishment instead of stalwart champions of their country’s founding principles. In fact, true patriotism is not about blindly defending one’s nation or leadership regardless of its trespasses; true patriotism is about defending the philosophy that made one’s nation possible in the first place — even if that means standing against the power structure in place today.”

via It’s Not America Anymore : Personal Liberty Digest™.

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